The DNA of WF

With over 15 years of experience in motorsports, from minor repairs to classic restorations and specializing in classic Porsches. We (Walde Fahrzeugtechnik) have now opened a new brand section: WF – Full service Porsche restomods.

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Inside WF

To keep the highest quality standards our workshop is devided into 3 work spaces: Bodywork, technical work and engine work.


In this area, mostly everything is handmade. Such as making our own steel arches, cutting and welding fenders, up to paint removal.

Engine work

It’s like a operating room, just for cars. Here is where your engine gets fixed and comes to life. From minor repairs, to engine rebuilds and tuning.

Technical work

That’s the place, where your car gets repaired or receives a service.

Our classic services

Beside our restoration section, we are offering following services. Which builds our origin. Therefore we have a more detailed page for our local customers in Germany.

Vehicle services

Repairs of all makes
HU/AU service
Tire service
Crash repair
Gearbox repair

Engine engineering

Repair and overhaul
CO and ignition adjustment
Maintenance service
Carburetor service

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment for all makes
Sport tuning for Porsche and Ferrari cars
Adjustment of wheel loads
Weighing of vehicle weight

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